Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Tremont Plaza Hotel, Baltimore, Md

The Tremont Plaza Hotel
Baltimore, Md

This is where Jack and I stayed in downtown Baltimore last week. This hotel building for 130 years was the home of the Masons of Baltimore. This is just one of about six or seven grand rooms created for the Masons. In the 1990's the Masons left; the building was remodeled and turned into a boutique hotel. We had fun staying here and seeing all the lights of the city from our room.

And Baltimore is a nice quick getaway for D.C. folks. There is lots to do there too. On past excursions to Baltimore with our two daughters we have enjoyed the inner harbor, the aquarium, the science center, the power plant, cruises to the Chesapeake, watching the Baltimore Orioles play baseball, etc.
And our favorite place to eat is in a section of Baltimore call Little Italy where we like to go to Sabatinis Restaurant. Here's Jack having a glass of of vino.
And here I am saluting Jack back. Salute!


Melinda said...

Oh my it is gorgeous!

Judy said...

Jack and Joann - Thank you for enjoying our beautiful building! We hope you have an opportunity to visit with us again soon!
The Tremont Plaza