Monday, June 29, 2009

My World Tuesday = Folklife Festival

My World Tuesday = Folklife Festival

2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

In Washington D.C.

It Looks Like An Ohio Country Fair

Between The Capitol Building and The Washington Monument.

This year's fair was good but not the greatest festival we have seen. I was sorry that there was not a highlighted U.S. state and there was just one country featured in depth and that was Wales. The biggest attractions were not individual states or countries but conglomerate places related to either Latin American countries or the oral traditions of African America.

We did get to see some good talent but almost all the entertainers were wearing just jeans and Tshirts. You couldn't tell that they were from a foreign land. I really like to see lots of colorful costumes of homeland countries but I didn't find it this year. Maybe the economic downturn has hurt the festival---not enough funds to do it right? I don't know. But here are some photos I snapped Saturday at the Folklife Festival in D.C.

Just like a county fair everything is in a tent. But you get a reality check when you look out and see the Washington Monument with all its American flags waving.

Peruvian Harp Music With Guitar Accompaniment

This Was The Best Act That We Saw Saturday.

Folk Music of the Americas:

One Act Featured Was A Group From Venezuela.

This Was A Donkey Dance

For A Christmas Song About The Donkey That Carried Mary.
Later The Audience Was Invited To Don The Donkey and Dance.

The Kids Are Always The First To Jump Up and Dance.

They Haven't Developed Any Inhibitions Yet.
Did Jack and I Dance?

No Way, We Are Too Shy!
Someone commented that it looked like there were not many people. That's because Jack and I went early in the day---like we got there at 9:30 and the festivites just started at 11:00 when I took these pics. More people came in the afternoon. We went early to avoid the heat and left when things were just really beginning to get lively.
Final note: The festival runs through July 5'th so if you are in the area try to explore it. It is a lot of fun. Now go visit some other My World Tuesday memes by clicking here:

Question For You Bloggers Out There

Jack and I have been using Picasa to upload our photos. Does anyone use another system? We would be interested in finding if you do and what it is you use. You can leave a comment here. Thanks.

Get Your Fireworks Here

The Fourth of July Is Almost Here.
How Can You Tell In Virginia?
You Can Tell By All The Fireworks Stands Popping Up.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camera Critters = Furries!

Looked out my window.
And what did I see.
Two cute bunnies
Eating greedily.
I grabbed my camera, hee, hee, hee!

One went left and one went right.
I could have watched them day and night.

I guess they now see little ole me.
How do I know?
This is their frozen stanze pose.
Ears up, eyes and tail still,
Mind thinking which way should I go?

One heads over to Dickie's grass.

One considers staying in Alan's grass.
That's when I turned way around
And oh golly Molly
What did I see?
In Connie's yard
A baby bunny!!!!!!
That makes three bunnies I see.
On this Holy Sundee.
Mr. McGregor, you had it easy.
Look at little ole me.
And three rabbits you will see.
Note: This all happened around 8 A.M. Sundee.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I Like American Wisteria

I like American Wisteria better than Chinese or Japanese because one, it is lot less invasive and two, look above, this is my second flush of purple blossoms. I also like the way the American Wisteria shades the arbor and swing so that you have lots of shade in July and August. We are due to get up in the '90s again today. Last night Jack heard that Orange County Virginia near Charlottesville got baseball size hail! Holy smokes!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joann and Jack Got Their Wish

Joann and Jack Got Their Wish
J & J's Wish:
Some Pics Of Couples In The Neighborhood.
Above: Ken and Tracy
Below: Scott and Dickie

Aunt Jeanine Got Her Wish

Aunt Jeanine Got Her Wish
Jeanine's Wish: New Photos and Video of Her Nephew
On Her Sister's Blog.
Check It Out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Relative's June Birthday

Happy Birthday Tracy Share!
You Were Born In June of 1974.
You Are My Sister's Third and Last Daughter.
Six Months After You Were Born You Flew West To Arizona With Your Mom and Grandfather.
We Carried You Across The Border At Nogales, Mexico.
Looks Like It Was Very Cold.
We All Were Wearing Winter Coats.
Jack and I Introduced You To Our Two Babies:
Shiloh and Tough Cat.
Look At Little You.
Even At Six Months You Had Flaming Red Hair!
And Here You Are Goofing Off By Our Fireplace With Grandpa.
So Cute!

Now You Are Married With Two Children Of Your Own.
In This Pic You Are With Husband Keith and Son Justin.
So Happy, Happy Birthday Tracy.

Here's A Cool Recipe

News Flash: I just posted Bev's recipe for California Veggie Wraps on my other blog: PiedmontReaders: Double click here and then when you get to the site go down on the right under Labels till you come to Recipes. Click on Recipes and you will pull up Bev's great California Veggie Wraps recipe. This would be something cool to make for a hot summer day. No cooking or baking to heat up the kitchen.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinner Date Hot Spots

Where Are We????
Al Gore's Wife Worked Here

This Is A Great Diner
Where Are We???????

Washington D.C. Dinner Date Hot Spots:
Maryland: The New National Harbor
D.C. : Georgetown
Alexandria in Virginia: Old Town Alexandria
Reston In Virginia: Reston Town Center
Arlington in Virginia: Shirlington
Above Photoes Are of Shirlington in Arlington
A Great Destination For A Walk
A Great Destination For International Restaurants

Mexican Restaurant
French Bistro

The Carlyle Grand
The Place For Gourmet American Food

Thai Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

Oh, And This Is A Wine Store
Buy A Bottle To Take Home After Dinner

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Bucket List

June 21, 2009
Father's Day
The First Day of Summer
The Longest Day of the Year
Summer is finally here and it will go by fast so let's make ourselves a summer bucket list. Ten things you want to accomplish or do before summer leaves us at the end of the third week of September.

Take time today since it will be a long day to complete your list. Put the list on the fridge. Check it each Sunday. Each time you complete a bucket task cross it off the list. If you complete all ten items, you have had a great, great summer.

I'm starting my bucket list now. Here's three:
1. Attend the Folklife Festival sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum.
2. Watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.
3. Take Jack Aidan to the baby pool and watch him play in the baby pool.

If you have a great summer idea for the bucket list, leave a comment here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long Ears

Long Ears
This brown bunny has long ears and a big appetite. He is fond of the bird seed that Jack puts out for the birds. He also nibbles on grass, lamium and begonias. At least he is not a little rat. Jack read yesterday that rats can mate up to 20 times per day and that they can create 1500 descendants in one year! Incredible! Thank God people don't reproduce at that rate.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday = Sun Shots

I shot these three photos this evening around 7:00 P.M. I aimed my camera at the sun slowly setting in the southwest quadrant of my yard. I like this first photo best. It almost looks like the sky is the Chesapeake Bay with an island or two in the lower righthand corner of the photo.
This sky shot has more yard and trees in the photo.

And here I have some sky as a backdrop to the rosa rugosa bush and the black knight butterfly bush that is just starting to blossom.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Power Trips

Behind the wheel is Lori Power who is a travel agent in our neighborhood that we know and like and have used for arranging several of our recent ship cruises. Need to get away this summer? Well, just look above or below to find Lori's phone number and email address.
I like this cute little business card holder that she has conveniently attached to her car window. And what about that car. Now there's a great marketing statement.

Rosa Rugosas Now In Bloom

Rosa Rugosas Now In Bloom
June 17, 2007
Double Click On A Photo To See Blossoms Up Close
These roses are commonly found near east coast beaches. They are very hardy and do not have the black spot problems that hybrid tea roses have. Normally these roses grow close to the ground as low shrubs. I've learned to train them to grow on trellises. I also don't cut them back in the early spring so each year they get bigger and bigger. I love them because they send out blooms all summer long.
The one bad feature of these roses is that they are very very thorny. I usually wear gloves and a long shirt when tying up these babies. When I don't I have scratches on my arms. Jack, by the way, hates working with these roses because they are so very thorny. I guess I could say that they are a thorn in his side. LOL!

Gift From The Sea

Last Friday night was book club night for PiedmontRaders.

The book up for discussion was The Gift From the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Click on the above link in purple to go to my other blog to read about the club's discussion of this classic book.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Party #2 Battlefield High Graduation Party

Jack and I attended a Battlefield High graduation party in Piedmont. What great fun. What a great graduation party. What a wonderful event for the neighbors to attend for two really sweet and cute Battlefield graduates. Look below.
From left to right: Megan, the beaming graduate, Megan's proud Mom, and Megan's extra proud Grandmother.
Now from right to left: Megan's steady date who also graduated Friday night from Battlefield High, the steady date's proud Mom and the steady date's extra proud Grandmother. Wow, what can I say but these two families have great, great genes for beauty and youth!

Party Central: the kitchen island that was teeming with Mexican appetizers. I loved that avocado and tomato dip. Yum, yum. And what libations went with this great Mexican spread? Well, of course, a variety of Mexican beers and margaritas straight from the margarita machines.

The dining room table was loaded down with cooked beef, pork, shrimp and scallops for making your own soft tacos complete with Mexican cheese, tomatoes and avocados. Beautifully done. And it tasted scrumptious! And now look below. Here comes dessert.

Chocolate brownies, green grapes, chocolate covered strawberries and M & M's in the colors of Battlefield High: purple, black and white with the names of two very important Battlefield grads.

Here's a great display of childhood memories. Megan, you kept getting cuter and cuter and cuter thru the years. Now you are drop dead gorgeous just like your Mom and Grandmother.
When I took this shot of the photo display I didn't realize until I got home and uploaded the photos that this collage gives Megan's school history. Double click on this photo to see where Megan has attended school and where she will attend school this fall.
Congratulations Megan!