Sunday, August 30, 2009

Elmo and Jack Aidan

Elmo and Jack Aidan in the play dough. We like it! We like it!

A red dot for Elmo.

A red dot for Jack Aidan.

No! No! Jack!

Don't stick the play dough in your mouth!

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Big Brother
We Are Now Down To The Nitty Gritty:
The Final Five Houseguests

Ok, I admit it. All summer I have been following the Big Brother reality show on TV that is hosted by Julie Chen. It comes on Sunday night for nominations for evictions, Tuesday night for power of veto over evictions and Thursday night for the actual eviction of the houseguest. And yes, I will also admit that I have watched every summer since it first was broadcast in the summer of 2000. The summer of 2000 is when I also got addicted to the the reality show Survivor which is hosted by Jeff Probst. I love these two reality shows and simply cannot miss an episode each season. And I still remember some of the unforgettable characters from each season of Big Brother like Will, Chicken George,Evil Dick, Jessie, Rennie, etc.

This year's most despicable houseguest was from Ohio---that cocky little Ronnie who stirred up the house at the beginning of the season. I am afraid Ronnie gave Ohio a bad name so I was glad to see him evicted. And then there was Chima who got expelled for breaking the house rules. Chima, Chima, Chima! You crazy crazy girl! I was happy to see her go too. Jessie and Lydia were not favorites of mine either so I was glad to see them walk out the door this season. Russell was wild and loud at times but I kinda liked him. Jeff should not have nominated him last week. Tonight I think Jeff has now overplayed his hand and will be nominated along with Michele.

Well, the truth is I know he and Michele have been nominated because I have found a secondary Big Brother website that tells you in advance what is going to happen on each televised show. I know, I know! It is really really bad when you are so attached to a reality TV show that you have to find out before the show airs what is going to happen when the show does air.

But I'm not going to change my addiction stripes now. There are much worse things that I could be addicted to like alcohol or drugs or food. Can't an old lady like me have at least one bad habit in life? By the way, Jack is addicted too so don't call our house tonight when the show is being broadcast. We will be glued to the TV and won't be able to take your phone call.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wakes: The Irish Do It Best!

The Irish Do It Best
Did you watch the wake for Teddy Kennedy on TV last night? Jack and I laughed so hard we were doubled over with mirth. Especially when that former U.S. senator from Iowa gave his scared to death talk about being on Teddy's sailboat for the first time and when Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah spoke about how he rather unwillingly fell in deep friendship with Kennedy. The Kennedy that was always blowing cigar smoke his way and talking, laughing and singing loud while drinking heavy. These comments from a man who is a non smoking and non drinking Utah Mormon! Oh how funny were these eulogies! And oh how funny is life itself when we learn to love and cherish what we thought we would thoroughly despise.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Skywatch Friday = Very Blue Skies and.....

Skywatch Friday = Very Blue Skies and.........
A Short Hummingbird Video Below.
Take A Look.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have Some Little Hummingbirds

I Have Some Little Hummingbirds
I have some little hummingbirds
Living around my house.
None are quiet like a mouse.
They fly to a red feeding station.
And lap up the food with great elation.
I have some little hummingbirds
They eat like some very hungry hogs
With tiny tongues lapping like cute dogs.
Those tiny tongues go really very fast
Twenty laps per second is soooooooooo fast!
I have some little hummingbirds
They keep me busy making their food.
1 to 1 ratio of sugar and water is good.
They like my cooled boiled drink.
They sip and sip and leave in a wink.
I have some little hummingbirds
They chase each other without a doubt
Like kamikaze pilots--hey look out!
Each demands its very own space.
So each other they constantly chase.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News Flash: Great Blog About.....

News Flash: Great story about the planned village of Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia by this blogger friend: Denise. Check out Lake Anne at Denise's blog: An English Girl Rambles.... by clicking here:

These Flowers Are For Ted Kennedy
1932 - 2009
The Lion of the Senate
Over 2700 Senate Bills Written By Him.
Over 300 of His Senate Bills Passed.
Final Thought: The Kennedy Era Comes To A Close.
Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NARFE Meeting: U.S. Congressman Wolf

Last week U.S. congressman Frank Wolf came to the Manassas chapter of NARFE and spoke about issues important to retired federal employees.
The local newspaper sent a photographer to cover the event. I took this photo of the photographer documenting Congressman Frank Wolf's speech.

My husband Jack as the current president of the Manassas chapter of NARFE had the honer of introducing Frank Wolf to the group. In Jack's introduction speech he mentioned that congressman Wolf has 12 grandchildren. When Frank Wolf stood up to speak to us he told Jack that he had to update his bio notes because he now has 14 grandchildren and that his daughter is expecting a baby in December. From left to right: Bill Martin, President of VA NARFE; Congressman Frank Wolf; Frank Szmuilo, Chairman of VA National Legislation Committee for NARFE; and Jack, Manassas Chapter President for NARFE.

Post speech huddle. Congressman Wolf warned the group that we are in perilous times in our nation's history. We can either be great in the 21'st century or become a passed over former world power like Spain after the 1500's, France after the 1700's and England after the 1800's. And who might replace us on the world stage? China. Right now China owns our tremendous debt, has an ever expanding factory and high technology base and has one out five persons living in the world!
Needless to say this was a very sobering speech.

My World Tuesday = Wheelbarrow Rides

My World Tuesday = Wheelbarrow Rides
Yesterday we introduced our grandson to wheelbarrow rides.

Here's my hubby with his little cargo in the wheelbarrow.
He likes it! He likes it!
Grandpa made the wheelbarrow go like a whirling helicopter.

Along the sidewalks they went.
Up and down stems they went.
In and out of driveways they went.
We told Jack Aidan to hold on tight and he did.

Grandpa, do it again.
Again. again.

Well, that's it for this Tuesday.
Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment if you feel like it. I do read all the comments: the good, the bad, the ugly and the surprising ones.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Good, The Better, The Best

The Good: Quiznos
The Better: Subway
The Best: Potbellies
In my humble opinion by far the best place to grab a sandwich is Potbellies. I like the old time general store atmosphere of Potbellies. Most of all I like the potbelly black stove that reminds me of my early childhood years when we had a stove just like this only much bigger. The first one down the stairs in the morning opened the stove door and threw in some pieces of wood and a small black piece of coal. I would stand back and watch the sparks fly inside the stove. If any sparks popped out of the stove there was a metal rug under the stove to keep the sparks from starting a home fire. Obviously this stove is only for show because there is no attached flue leading to a chimney to carry away the smoke.
Here you see folks on the left waiting patiently for their sandwich to be made. On the right folks are sitting in cozy booths enjoying their sandwiches. Sometimes the Potbellies in Manassas has a folk singer come in and entertain the diners.

Yes, I like Potbellies. I like the tin ceiling and old time lights.
I like the kitchen helpers that quickly make your sandwiches.
I like the fact that they have books for you to read while eating. If you like a book, you can take it with you. I got a gigantic Paul Brocus cookbook once for free!

Best of all I like the toasted sandwiches. Yum, yum! My very favorite type is the Italian. Oh, it is so toasty warm and good. Do you have a Potbellies where you live? If you don't, you are missing out on something really good. Final note: this is not a paid commercial. It is just my humble judgment call.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah! The Weekend Is Here

The Weekend Is Here.
Plus We Got Some Needed Rain Last Night. Yipee!
Have A Great Weekend Everybody.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

Last Friday night my book club met and discussed Loving Frank, Nancy Horan.

Click on this link to go to my other blog to learn more about the club's reaction to this historical novel about Frank Lloyd Wright:

Jack Got Another One

We sat down to eat in the breakfast room and Jack spotted a black butterfly with blue markings

flitting around the zinna blossoms. He grabbed my camera again and took these two photos.

Honey, your getting good at using my camera.

Nice job.

Skywatch Friday = Prince William County Fair

Cloudy Skies Covered The Prince William County Fairgrounds Wednesday Afternoon.

The Result: Cooler Temperatures For Taking In The Fair.

Jack Aidan Donned Grandpa's EPA Baseball Cap

And Was Ready To Roll Along To Manassas And The Fair.

First Stop: The Children's Barn For Petting The Very Tame Farm Animals.

Jack Aidan Makes A Beeline To A Big Woolly Sheep To Pet It.

Grandpa Watches.

Grandpa Holds Jack Aidan So He Can See The Big White Goats.

Open Wide And Cluck.

This Black And White Hen Just Laided An Egg.

Yes, I Did Just Lay An Egg.

This Cute Little Bunny Was Sipping From His Sippy Cup.

The Ducklings Were Nestled All Snug In Their Bed

Except For Two Who Were Having A Snack Before Bedtime.

The Ducklings In This Cage Were Thirsty and Drinking Water.

Below Is A Very Brief Video Of Jack Laughing At Jack Aidan Running To The Farm Animals.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wine Club Meeting Sunday Night

Wine Club Meeting

Piedmont Country Club

Sunday August 16, 2009

The Man With the Raised Arms Is John, Our Wine Leader, And He Is Discussing The Merits Of Wines That Go Well with Summer Barbecues. His Wife Gail In Pink Listens Quietly.

Bev In Green Declares This Is A Great Wine By Raising Her Glass.

Dickie Concurs With A Giggle.

John Crosses His Arms And Watches.

Is He Thinking That The Wine Is Making Us Silly?

Delaine Looks Wistful Discussing The Horse She Almost Bought For Riding.

Her Husband Rob Is Checking His Blackberry.

Looks Like Roy Enjoyed All Five Wine Selections.

Roy and Lenore Relaxing and Laughing After The Wine Tasting Dinner.

Dickie and Scott Are Still Reading About The Wines

And Deciding Which Wine They Liked Best.

Someone Still Has Some Wine To Taste.

Sunday's Wines For The Summer Grill

2008 Chateau de Degries Tavel Rose $15 per bottle RP 90 points

2002 Worthy Sophie's Cuvee Napa Cabernet Sauvignon $15 per bottle WS 88 points

2005 Elderton Barossa Shiraz Nurioopta $35 per bottle RP 94 points

2006 Ridge Geyserville Vineyard Zinfandel $33 per bottle WS 90 points

Shorty Says They All Tasted Really Good.

Now Let's Talk Golf and Tiger Woods.
How Did He Play This Weekend?

News Flash: New Blogger In Our House

Grandma: What are you doing at the computer?

Jack Aidan: I'm checking the photos on Picasa 3 for our blog.

Grandma: Our blog?!

Jack Aidan: Yes, Grandpa has been teaching me how to use your computer.

See, I know just how to hold this little mouse. But Grandma why is it called a mouse?

It doesn't look like a mouse that Merlin the Cat would chase?

Jack Aidan: I need two fingers to hit Control Delete.

Grandma: What! What are you deleting sweetheart?

Jack Aidan: I'm just editing your blog Grandma.

I know I can edit. My mommy was an English major at UVA and she is teaching me.

Grandma: Well, I hope she is showing you how to read too. Reading comes before editing.

And learning to talk comes before reading.
It also helps if you can get yourself up on this chair.

Jack Aidan: I can. I can. I'll show you sometime soon.