Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Handymen Did Woodworking At Jenn's

Two Handymen

The Little Handyman was the apprentice. Here he was using Grandpa's awl to pretend that he was putting the nail below the surface of the nail hole. Awwwwwww-lllllllllllllll. Little Jack Aidan managed to turn the word awl into two syllables.

The Grownup Handyman was showing little Jack how to measure twice and cut once when doing woodworking. Little Jack was really listening and taking note of all of Grandpa's moves.
This was a two day work project. So at the end of the first day when Grandpa stored his work tools in a box in the garage Little Jack insisted that he get to take his toy tool box to the garage to be put in the box with Grandpa's tools. Jack Aidan certainly is turning into a chip off the old block! LOL!

You rocked Little Handyman!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Collected Menu - Las Vegas, Nevada

Collected Menu - Las Vegas, Nevada

If you like German food like Jack and I do, then when you make a trip to Las Vegas get away from the casinoes for awhile and go the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus where you will experience some good German food along with German singing and dancing. Jack and I have both been to the world famous Hofbauhaus in Munich, Germany. This restaurant reminded us of that experience. When you can't make it to the original place it is nice to go to a place that reminds you of the original. And isn't this a pretty menu. I just like looking at this menu. Brings back many pleasant German culinary experiences that Jack and I had not only in Munich but in places like Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelburg, Rothenburg and Saschenhausen.

Collected Menu - Cincinnati, Ohio

Collected Menu - Cincinnati, Ohio
Some time back in the 1980's Jack and I were visiting my relatives in Ohio and my sister Mary Ellen Gariety Thobe suggested that we drive from Tipp City down to Cincinnati to eat at a restaurant that had singing waiters and waitresses who were music majors from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. So we did and we had a great time.
Cincinnati, Ohio is another Ohio city known for its German heritage so we had lots of good German food that reminded Jack and I of when we used to live in Germany. By the way Cincinnati is also known as porkopolis because of all the pigs that used to be brought to market for butchering in the city.

I had some of the singing waiters and waitresses sign my menu. I wonder if these students made a career of singing. I also wonder if the Forest View Gardens Restaurant is still in existence. If it is, then I would recommend it for a delightful evening.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Collected Menu - Covington, Ohio

Collected Menu - Covington, Ohio
Here is another menu from southwest Ohio. Buffalo Jacks is a small local diner in Covington, Ohio. The first time I entered this restaurant I just about flipped out. Right at the front door was a huge stuffed buffalo! Holy Cow! I surely wasn't expecting to see a stuffed buffalo in Ohio. Wyoming or Colorado or Montana? No, I would not be surprised to see one those states.
But Ohio? Covington, Ohio? No way! But there he was this huge bull staring me in the face so I just had to grab a menu to take with me when I left. Especially since the name of the restaurant was Buffalo Jack's!

Collected Menu Minster, Ohio

Collected Menu - Minster, Ohio

Last October I shared with all of you five of the many menues I have collected and have had framed thru the years. This one is from a restaurant in Minster, Ohio that is called The Wooden Shoe.
Minster, Ohio still has a large Dutch and German population and in 1933 there used to be a Dutch brewery in Minster that was called The Wooden Shoe. My father used to love the beer from that brewery and he was very sad when it was closed down because of competition from bigger breweries in the midwest.
Today I guess folks feel the same way about NCR Corporation and General Motors leaving Dayton, Ohio and Clopay Corportation leaving Russia, Ohio.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sad News

Sad News
The other week I found the baby bluebirds dead in the bluebird house.
I think the excessive heat brought about their demise.
So sad.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jeanine Is Training Barney With Treats

Jeanine Is Training Barney With Treats
See The Treat.
You Get The Treat For Minding Me.

Very Good Puppy Barney!
But Even When You Are Naughty I Love You.
Remember Last Week When You Chewed Up A Pair of My Glasses.
You Got A Long Time Out For That!

Monday, July 26, 2010

It Is So Hot That........

It Is So Hot That.........I Want To Jump In Little Jack's Shamu Pool

Splish, Spash!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Is So Hot That......

It Is So Hot That We Need To Drop In On Sarah Palin In Alaska
We can ask the Tea Party girl to brew us a cup of hot tea.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Is So Hot That.......

It Is So Hot That.....Thoughts Of The Beach Are Refreshing!
Think of a dip in the cool water or lying on a raft with nothing to do.
I wonder about how many people are heading to the sand on the beach today.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It Is So Hot That......

It Is So Hot That......I Want To Sit In Some Snow!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Brother TV Show Tonight

Big Brother TV Show Tonight
Who is going home tonight? Monet or Matt?
I think Monet.
Who will then win the Head of Household Competition?
I am going to make a wild stab and say one of these three guys if it is an endurance event:
Hayden or Brendon or Lane.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Collected Menu - Lake Express Cafe on Lake Michigan Car Ferry

Jack Aidan Got Lots Of Nice Gifts

Jack Aidan Got Lots of Nice Gifts
His grandparents and cousins and Aunt and Uncle up on Cape Cod sent him lots of great toys and a fireman's outfit that I know you will see sometime in the near future on this blog. That fireman's outfit would be perfect for this fall and halloween.
But the birthday boy is not thru yet. Aunt Gigi has some surprises wrapped and waiting for our little man. Go Jack. But don't slam into the TV console!

Big Brother Is Something Else This Year!

Big Brother Is Something Else This Year!
Jack bought me the live feed for the TV show Big Brother that is airing right now. Wow! What a devilish cast of characters on the show this year.
Most calm and laid back are: Kathy and Kristin.
Most vocal are: Rachel and Britney
Most silent are: Lane and Enzo
The sneakiest are: Britney and Matt
Players playing the game well: Hayden, Kristen, Enzo and Lane
There will be a TV show tonight and the live eviction on TV tomorrow night. Britney and Monet were both up for eviction till Britney won Power of Veto and used it on herself. Then Rachel as this week's Head of Household put Matt up on the block. My prediction for tomorrow's eviction vote: Monet is going to be evicted.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Watched The Bachelorrete Last Night

I Watched The Bachelorette Last Night

I always like these shows at the beginning of the season when the star that is looking for a spouse is just going out on dates. But towards the end of the show's run I get a little sick to my stomach watching the star do some heavy making out with one person one night and with another person the very next night. Jack doesn't like this either. He thinks it is just a tad "slutty".

But oh what a tangled web we weave on these shows. There are more twists and turns then this wisteria vine is weaving up above. Last night the one to leave Ali went of his very own volition which was a big surprise to Ali. Frank wanted to leave Tahiti and return to Chicago and his former girlfriend that he just couldn't get out of his mind. If is any consolation, Ali, the other woman is not as cute as you.

Honestly, I think you are more likely to find a spouse on either Big Brother or Survivor then on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday On His Red Scooter

Take a look.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday
Take A Look At The Birthday Photos
Who gave you the scooter?
Mommy and Daddy!
What did Grandpa and Grandma Shipley give you?
A toddler camera that Daddy is trying to load with batteries.
What else did Grandpa bring to the party?
Grandpa came with pizza, ice cream, cupcakes and a balloon.
What are you doing Jack Aidan?
Learning how to take a picture of my birthday cupcakes.
What's Mommy doing?
Lightening a birthday candle for me to blow.
How old are you now Jack Aidan?
I'm three. One, two, three!
Who blew out the candle?
I did!
What's Mommy doing?
Eating a birthday cupcake.
Jack, do you like birthdays?
Birthday story continues tomorrow with a little birthday video by Grandma.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Have You Eaten Afghanistan Food?

Have You Eaten Afghanistan Food?
Jack and I love the food at the Afghan Famous Kabob Restaurant on Route #29 in Gainesville, VA. The restaurant is now in a new location since the old building it used to be in has been torn down for the future realignment of #29 with the Southern Railway train tracks in Gainesville. All the meats here are Halal which means the animals are butchered and dressed according to Islamic religious principals. I just know that their meat kabobs and their Afghan style gyro sandwiches are the very best. I love the spicy green yogurt sauce they serve with the gyros.
The restaurant has lots of live plants growing in pots along the ceiling and a row of smoking pipes on display on a shelf. The smoking pipes are called hookahs.

Remember this photo of the young Afghanistan girl from the cover of National Geographic magazine in the 90's ? The girl had such a striking face that this photo became famous around the world. I've read that since then this girl has become an adult and that she is married now and has children.
Here is a striking photo of an Afghanistan man. Maybe this photo was taken by the same photographer as the photo above. I do know that one time when we came to this restaurant we learned that one the restaurant workers was related thru his sister's marriage to the California doctor, Khaled Hussein, who wrote both The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Both of these novels although disturbing and depressing are worth reading.

Here are our Afghan gyros with the spicy green sauce.

And this is what Jack and I had for dessert.
Afghan Baqlawa which is thin layers of syrup-soaked phyllo dough with walnuts topped with ground pistachios. It is much like Greek baklava since both countries feature middle eastern cuisine. It was very sweet and very good. Yum, yum!
I wonder about the war still raging violently in Afghanistan. It has been going on now for over eight years. Will this current surge work and will we begin a draw down of troops next year?
And five years from now I wonder what will be going on in Afghanistan and if the Afghan people will be living in peace. What do you think? If you have any thoughts on this subject leave me a comment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Is All Gone

It Is All Gone--
That Big Edible Bouquet That We Received From Jeanine.
I Feel Like Garfield The Cat.
I Ate The Whole Thing!
So Pretty.
So Good Tasting.
Thanks Jeanine!

Hosta in Bloom

Hosta in Bloom
July 2010
I rushed outside and snapped these pics soon as the hosta came into bloom because I knew the deer would eat these for a little midnight snack.
And they did!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skywatch Friday = Crape Myrtles in Full Bloom

Skywatch Friday = Crape Myrtles in Full Bloom

These are crape myrtles developed at the National Arborterium in Washington D.C.

They have Indian names.

This last one is my favorite.

Skywatch Friday is turning three. A great toddler age someone said. I know about that. Because our little Jack Aidan is turning three tomorrow---July 16'th!
Happy Birthday Skywatch Friday!
Happy Birthday Jack Aidan!
Grandmad and Grandpa love you so much!

Now go visit some other wonderful Skywatch Friday memes by clicking here:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Do You Watch Big Brother?

Do You Watch Big Brother?

I admit that I am in hooked. I've watched every season since summer of 2000. This year Jack bought for me the live feed so I'm watching more and blogging less. My brother's granddaughter in Ohio, Nicole Gariety Keller, is also hooked with the show. She thinks that Annie is this year's saboteur. I don't know. Why was Breadan brushing his teeth as soon as the lights went out? What was Andrew doing lying down on the floor when the lights came back on in the house. And why is Blond Britney staring at people all the time? How come the blond sheriff couldn't get out of the caramel if she is a crack police officer. Lots of candidates for saboteur. Jack thinks that it is a fellow because it sounds like a man's voice but maybe they have a show cast member deliver the messages to the house guests. Who knows. We will all have to just stay tuned to the show and learn more.

Feel free to leave a comment and chime in on the activities of Big Brother.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Edible Bouquet

An Edible Bouquet
July 6, 2010
In Thanks For Helping Jeanine Move To New Home
Wednesday Jack went to the door and discovered that a delivery man was bringing us an edible bouquet. Jack asked the delivery man if he had the wrong house. No one had ordered this here and it surely wasn't our anniversary or one of our birthdays. And it wasn't Christmas either. Why it wasn't even the Fourth of July anymore! So to make a long story short we discovered that our daughter Jeanine had ordered this big beautiful delicious bouquet for us in thanks for helping her move into her brand new condo that she has purchased.
Have you ever received one of these edible bouquets? We discovered that we had to remove a shelf from the refrigerator to get this big baby inside the frig. Jack has been tackling the honeydew and I have been doing a number on the yellow pineapple flowers. And we have been sharing the strawberries, grapes and cantaloupe.