Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Therapeutic Dogs In Hospital

Therapeutic Dogs In Hospital
In my recent stays in the hospital for my leukemia I have been visited by two adorable therapeutic
dogs. The first was a black lab who was so well mannered. Totally different from my daughter's black lab Barney Beans who is a non stop bundle of energy and action. My daughter Jeanine said she could just picture Barney in the hospital wrecking havoc like jumping up on the staff or grabbing and eating medical supplies.

This photo of a post card of a six year old female boxer named Jesse. She visited my room and sat up in a chair and let me pet her. Finally she laid down beside my bed and got ready to take a little doggie nap. However, her owner who had her on a special leash and harness told her to get up because we have more patients to visit and cheer up.

Animals do put a smile on my face. Jesse was like a Volkswagen beetle. She was so ugly that she was cute in my humble opinion.

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