Friday, December 9, 2011

Leukemia Update

Leukemia Update
Last week I did four days of chemo and on Wednesday I went to the Prince William Hospital outpatient center for blood transfusions and for platelet transfusion. To have the transfusions you need to go in the day before to register and have blood drawn for testing.

Now this is where things get interesting and strange. Jack and I arrived at the hospital around 4:00 P.M. last week and discovered at least four Manassas police cars and one canine unit at the front door. When we got out of our car a lady in the parking lot warned us not to go up to the door because there was a confrontation between a group of young Latino men and young African American men. Everyone was yelling and screaming. It sounded like about 25 people yelling but I counted only about 12 people including the police. Well, Jack and I had to get inside to register before closing time so we quietly and quickly circled around this group at the front entrance and went inside. Later when we came outside the young men were all gone but several police officers were still on the scene. Strange, strange, strange! I can see a confrontation taking place between two groups at a bar or a school or even a shopping center but not at the front door of a hospital. We never did find out what was going on, even when we returned on Wednesday.
So I guess this is a mini mystery.

This week I finished up my seven days of chemo on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday I spent resting on the couch. The chemo kinda wipes out your energy.

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Melinda said...

hey there sounds like it is a little dangerous around there...I think you wrote about another incident one other time didn't you?

Your turkey in the pic below looks scrumptious!

Hope you get some wonderful, good energy back soon!!