Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Italian Cruise Ships

Italian Cruise Ships

In January of 2009 Jack and I sailed on an Italian cruise ship to the western carribean to visit the following places: Key West, Cozumel, Jamaica, The Bahamas and Grand Bahamas. Since it was winter the majority of passengers of this ship were Europeans escaping the cold temps in Europe for a week. The name of our ship was The Costa Fortuna which was the sister ship to The Costa Concordia that was shipwrecked of the coast of Italy. We enjoyed our cruise but now I don 't think we would take another Costa Cruise. Especially since the recent news that The Costa Allegra ran a ground off the coast of east Africa where there are pirates attacking ships from the coast of Somalia.

What I remember and like so well about this cruise was that a Catholic priest was assigned to the ship and every morning there was the announcement that the priest would be saying mass in the very small but very pretty Catholic chapel aboard the ship.

To learn more about our cruise and the Catholic chapel go to the right and click on the topic 2009
Carribean Cruise. You will see photos of the ship and the chapel.

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