Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm Hooked On Big Brother!

Every summer I get my kicks by watching Big Brother. Tonight I get to watch the POV challenge to see if anyone takes either Jessica or Jameka off the elimination block. Last week's HOH challenge was so difficult. I think that it was the hardest challenge that I have ever seen on Big Brother in 8 seasons. Holy Cow! I'm surprised that there wasn't any broken bones.
I'm glad that Zack got HOH this week. Zack doesn't say much but what he says isn't loud or rude like some of the other house guests. I'm liking him more. I went on a CBS Big Brother Forum and discovered that a lot of folks don't like Jessica because of her old lady? looks, her blue eye shadow, her squeaky voice and her laziness. Some folks claim that she sleeps all day to get over her hangovers. Others say that she sleeps to avoid doing any cleaning or cooking in the house. As for Eric and Jessica some people are tired of that scene too. I like Eric but think that the powers that be at Big Brother did a dumb thing by starting this America's Player. I don't like it and I think others don't either. Everyone knows that Eric is up to something but they don't know what it is. Eric might get back doored tonight and then on Thursday I think both he and Jess will be eliminated. And that would leave Zack and Jameka with Evil Dick and his daughter, Danielle. This show has always had lots of twists so I don't want to venture who will win the million dollars. Oh, I just remembered something: we get to see Janelle, the winner from last year on the show tonight. That should be interesting. Final thought: Big Brother is better than summer reruns. Of course, I could do something better with my time like reading a good book but I confess that I am hooked to this show.


jeanine said...

I love you, mommy.

Jenn K said...

I'm hooked, too. I told Terry that reality tv is my only vice, so I get to keep it.

Jack and Joann said...

I love my daughters. Just a thought: wouldn't we be a threesome on Big Brother! Of course, I couldn't win any competitions unless it was for housecleaning or ironing.