Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The New Year Begins

The new year really begins when Labor Day comes and the kids return to class. Even when you are no longer a student or teacher or parent of school age kids the new year begins in September instead of January. A new year and a new chapter in everyone's life even if you are participating only as a spectator thinking of your kids or grandkids facing that first day. This is one evening around the supper table when everyone will have something to talk about even if it is the talk of the horrendous traffic once again in Northern Virginia! All those school buses, all those teachers, all those congressmen and women, all those lobbyists and all those August vacationing CEOs hit the highway this morning and now are hitting the return trip route. Some folks who live way out in West Virginia and south of Fredericksburg really have long commutes. And then there are those who head to the eastern shore of NO VA. All this traffic makes people wish for that Magic School Bus that flies in the sky. What a way to go.

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