Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bill Veale's Birthday Surprise Party

Last night we attended Bill's 65'th Birthday Smash. Wife Debbie and the four children gave Bill a great surprise home party. You can tell that Bill is surprised because he is wearing flip flops instead of shoes. The party planner in red (Debbie) kept snapping photos when she was not busy dishing out food for the buffet table in the dining room. Taking it all in stride was the family mascot, Winston, the English Bulldog. Since two Veale children call James Madison University their college I wondered if the family got Winston because the James Madison mascot is a bulldog!. But after viewing the birthday slide show we learned that Winston is a replacement for the bulldog that Bill and Debbie had as newlyweds. A friend of the family serenaded all the guests by playing the grand piano in the living room. And of course the piano player ended the serenade with a chorus of Happy Birthday To You! A good time was had by all, including Winston!

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Jenn K said...

Looks like a fun time and Winston is precious!