Friday, October 5, 2007

Training Baby Jack

The baseball playoffs are happening now and Baby Jack is in training to be a great little Boston Redsox Fan. On Wednesday Jennifer brought Jack Aidan out to see us and to pick up his Disney souveneirs and to have lunch with us. After some time passed Jennifer announced that Jack Aidan had to go home and get ready for the big game between the Red Sox and the Angels. Every good Redsox fan must don Redsox clothing and sit and cheer with every pound of their being. So our little Jack Aidan donned his Redsox outfit and cheered along with Daddy with all 12 pounds of himelf as the Redsox played the Angels. By the way the Redsox won the game. You can check my earlier post this summer to see Jack Aidan in his Redsox outfit. Right down to the little Redsox. (Blog post for Sunday, August 5)

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