Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fourth Night -- Rapid City, SD

It was a beautiful day--lots of sun, blue skies and warm temps. We started by visiting the Sioux Falls, which give the city its name. The city has created an inviting park along the falls with lots of walk ways and overlooks. We then headed down the road stopping at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. 100 acres are dedicated to growing 12 varieties of corn to use in the redecorating each year. Artists submit designs based on a given theme. In May, a design is selected, all the corn and architectural from the current year is removed and the new design is created. Then corn is nailed on to complete the new design. All the corn is natural and none is painted or varnished. Some refer to the Palace as the largest bird feeder in the world. We then continued on down I-90 with a side trip to Pierre. The Capitol building is beautiful, but the town is pretty depressing. It's one of two state capitols without an Interstate running through it. The other is Jefferson City, MO. Our next stop was Wall, SD, to see the well advertised Wall Drug store. Their signs were reminiscent of the "South of the Border" signs on I-95 or "The Thing" signs on I-10 in Arizona. It turned out that "Wall Drug" was virtually all the stores in the town of Wall. We then ended our day in Rapid City relaxing in the jacuzzi and taking a swim. We have dubbed South Dakota the Angus State or the Billboard State. Lots of both. To make the time seem to go quicker, we have listened to half of the audio book "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Not as many laughs as "Marley and Me," but very engrossing.


John and Carol Ann said...

Dear Jack and Joann,

We have been enjoying your blog so much. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture of the Madison Bridge. It was one of my favorites. Enjoy the rest of your journey . Stay safe and have fun.

John and Carol Ann

Marilyn said...

Jack and Joann, please clarify that JC is not a depressing town, although it does not have an interstate highway running through it. Nevertheless, it is also only 30 minutes from I-70, one of the most congested interstates in the U.S.

People in JC are into preserving, and new sidewalks and street lights have been installed. All is highlighted with flowers and plants. The town's German-Catholic heritage is evident in the well preserved buildings.

A former JC resident...

Now in MS, I see delapidated buildings with trees growing up the middle. No one seems concerned.

jeanine said...

Hmmmm, I think Mom may have a new project for the birds in her garden when she gets home- corn mosaics. Although, I'm not sure how the HOA would react to covering a wall of your house in corn so you may have to keep it small.

Dickie said...

I agree with Jeanine...I can see the bird feeder project coming along...and if done right it would be gone before the HOA even knew about it...unless of course if you did it on the scale you show here in your pictures! Very impressive.
Thanks for the b-day will be missed tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and Joann,

Vancouver is a beautiful place to see I have been told. Hope you trip is fun filled. Love the blog.

Be safe,
Shirley and Mack