Monday, April 30, 2007

Mormon Tabernacle Organ Recital

What do you think of when someone mentions Salt Lake City? For us it is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Unfortunately, we didn't make it in time on Sunday to hear them, but we did get to hear an organ recital. This was a special treat, since the organ just recently underwent a restoration and this was the first recital after restoration. The first picture is the inside of the Tabernacle where the organ is located and the Choir sings. The second picture (which Joann does not like) was taken right after the recital. The color of the lighting behind the organ changed after each arrangement and the color you see is the last color used. The organist started the recital with a demonstration of the acoustics. The audience was required to sit in the back third of the Tabernacle. He talked without a microphone and was easily understood. He then ripped a newspaper into shreds and the rips were loud and clear. He then dropped pins one at a time on the lectern and again they were easily heard. Of course, there was little doubt we would be able to hear the gigantic organ. The third picture with the monument shows the outside of the Tabernacle. The last picture is more of the flowers on the grounds.

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