Monday, April 30, 2007

Rawlins to Salt Lake

The weather really cooperated by setting a record Sunday in Salt Lake City of 89 degrees with blue skies. We drove from Rawlins to Salt Lake City stopping in Rock Springs, WY, where Jack's nephew Chan Lowe attended elementary school. He was in a GT program and was bused about 70 miles one way each day. His class was written up in People magazine. We also stopped in Park City, UT, where some of the 2002 Winter Olympics skiing events were held. The town is nestled in a canyon with lots of upscale shops and restaurants. The drive along I-80 gave us spectacular views of the snow covered mountains glistening in the bright sun. Our first stop in Salt Lake was Temple Square, which includes the Mormon Temple, the Tabernacle, the first Mormon Temple and other administrative and tourist buildings. The highlight were the many beautiful spring flowers. There was an organ recital that I will write about later. The building with the spirals is the Temple and the building at the right corner with the rounded roof is the Tabernacle. The "gate" you see in the picture in front of the Capitol is called the "Eagle's Gate." The Capitol is being renovated, so it was hard getting a good picture. Since it was still early, we went south to Provo and toured the Brigham Young University campus. The grounds were beautiful, but the mountains surrounding the campus really highlighted the campus' beauty. After this added side trip, we were ready to call it a day and headed for a hotel. Unfortunately, there was no internet access, so we couldn't make a post yesterday. Thus, we'll do two today.

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