Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now We Have A Home Invasion

First it was the Bambi caper in the backyard. Now our home has been invaded. I couldn't sleep Sunday night so I came downstairs to read in the family room. I kept hearing this clicking noise but didn't look up right away. When I got tired of the clicking I looked up and discovered a little black cloud of swarming insects by the lamp in the corner of the family room.

Oh, no I thought to myself! This reminds me of our last home invasion years ago in Burke Centre so I ran upstairs and woke Jack up and announced that I think we have termites swarming in our family room! Jack got up, took one look and then went to the garage to get some bug spray. Monday morning we found hundreds of dead insects on the carpet. We left them there for evidence for the exterminator man who was coming for an annual visit since we have our home under 'pesk control'.

When the E Man took a look Monday morning he said we were very lucky. We didn't have termites we had flying ants. Flying ants! Now what kind of crazy ants fly? You always picture ants walking across the picnic table not doing dive bomb missions across the picnic table. Lucky us. We have the flying bomber ants.

They say things come in threes. I can't wait to see what turns up next around here. I just hope it isn't a snake.

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