Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Week Five + 4 Days Top Moments

#14 Spending the night in Sandusky, Ohio near Lake Eire and then having

lunch at Guy and Tammy's Italian Restaurant in Monaca, PA. The

Bistro is Pacentros and the bruschetta there is to kill for or to drive

out of your way for.............

#13 Visiting the two Ford estates in the Detroit metro area:

Edsell Ford home in Grosse Pointe

Henry Ford home in Dearborn

#12 Visiting the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.

#11 Having an extraordinary German meal at Maders in Milwaukee, WI.

#10 Walking along the shore of Lake Michigan at Milwaukee and then

touring the Pabst Mansion.

#9 Visiting Minneapolis's Mall of America and having supper at the

Wolfgang Puck Express Restaurant at MOA.

#8 Sightseeing in Helena, Montana, and then touring the Grant-Khors

Ranch near Deer Lodge.

#7 Driving thru the mountains of western Idaho on #94.

#6 Spending the evening in a Rhinestone Cowboy Town: Jackson Hole,


#5 Encountering a real western cattle drive on our road in Montana.

#4 Taking the 4 hour Twin Cities Tour in MN and then going to the

Minneapolis's Swedish Institute and St. Paul's Catholic Cathedral.

#3 Meeting all the wild animals (horses, buffalo, antelope and prairie

dogs) on our drive in Teddy Roosevelt Nat. Park.

#2 Driving along and thru the snow capped peaks of Grand Teton Nat.


#1 Driving from south to north thru Yellowstone Nat. Park

and stopping to view Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot


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