Monday, March 30, 2009

Michigan State Heading To Final Four

My late brother, Harold Gariety, was an avid Michigan State Spartan fan and sports recruiter. He would be so delighted to learn that Michigan State will be heading down the road 90 miles to Detroit to be a part of the Final Four.
These photo I took in 2007 while returning from our cross country trip to Seattle and Alaska. This is the Michigan State football stadium. Harold made sure that all his brothers and sisters had a chance to attend a football game here while he was attending Michigan State University. When we did so I remember staying at the student run hotel on campus that is the focal point of Michigan State's Hotel and Restaurant Education program.
Speaking of hotels did you watch Celebrity Apprentice last night and get to see Joan Rivers as hotel concierge and the rest of the ladies cleaning toilets, sinks, and shower stalls? Obviously these rich ladies never clean up after their very own house guests or else they wouldn't have gone bananas over finding a hair in the bathroom or on the bed. There are worse things in life for throwing a banana fit.
I won't even comment on the men's team and poor Dennis Rodman who got fired this week. Dennis will be on The Jay Leno Show this week so maybe Jay will ask Dennis about his bizarre behavior on Celebrity Apprentice. I thought Jesse James did a fine job of playing spokes person for the men's team in the boardroom.
News Flash: I want to thank the Anonymous Commenter on yesterday's blog post who explained more than me about all those white bicycles in the city of Manassas on Sudley Rd. This person pointed out that the bikes are rearranged into a gigantic white Christmas Tree for the holidays and that in the summer time they sometimes sport sun umbrellas. So that means that the bicycles are not welded down. But how they stay up and how they are not stolen or vandalized in some fashion I do not know. We will have to post more photos of this strange Manassas phenomena sometime in the future. In the meantime thank you Anonymous Commenter for your enlightening comments.


Anonymous said...

Interesting about the bicycles.

Liked your photos too.

Saw the Michigan State game.

I will have to wait on the catalog until 2010. They are not shipping the 2009 now.

Thanks for the visit.

Linda Reeder said...

I have no favorite in the final four, so good luck to your team!
I recorded Celeb. Apprentice to watch later. Couldn't see how dennis could last much longer.

fishing guy said...

Joann: The last team from the Big 10, I wonder how far they can go.