Monday, March 16, 2009

NARFE Convention In D.C.

Last week the NARFE Executive Convention in Washington D.C. wrapped up on Wednesday morning and two NARFE representatives of the state of Georgia stopped by to have lunch with Jack and I before beginning their drive back to Atlanta, Georgia. In the photo above you see Jack posing with Sandy McTheney McKinney and Tom McKinney. Tom is a graduate of Akron University and was an army auditor for his entire federal career. During the Vietnam War Tom went to the battle zones to audit army clubs in Vietman. Sandy is also a retired federal worker. With names like McTheney and McKinney don't you imagine that they do enjoy St. Paddy's Day.
So we sat around the breakfast table discussing both old times in Germany and NARFE endeavors. Tom told us that their local NARFE chapter in Atlanta will hold a garage sale this spring to raise money for Alzheimer's research which is one of the important projects of NARFE.

So we drank a little wine.
We had quiche and salad for the main course.
A Wegman's fruit tart and coffee followed for dessert.
Sandy and Tom, thanks for stopping by to see us. And readers, this is the same man who got married for the very first time last April when he was 65! (You can see photos of Tom and Sandy's wedding day if you look under my labels for Wedding Day.)

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Anonymous said...

Was this meal for Breakfast? It looks yummy - that fruit tart is amazing.