Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Young Kid On The Mound For Nats

Tonight's the Night!
There will be great excitement at Nationals baseball park in Washington D. C. tonight. A new young kid is going up on the pitcher's mound and his name is Strasburg. I wonder how he will do? Over 200 press passes have been issued for tonight's big game that kicks off this kid's major league career. Probably more passes for tonight's game than were issued for when President Obama threw out the first ball for the first game of the season back in April. Pitcher Strasburg is just 21 and he hails from San Diego State in California. The game is sold out but the team has now issued 2000 standing room only tickets for tonight's debut of Stephen Strasburg at the mound. How would you like to stand for 9 innings to just say someday that you were there in the ball park when Strasburg began his major league career? And guess what! There is a town in Virginia named Strasburg. It wants to rename their town Steven Strasburg, VA for a whole week if the rookie does well tonight.
Oooooooooo.......the excitement is building for today!
On another note, today is primary election day in a lot of states including Virginia. Are you going to take time to vote today? Just heard on TV that those who vote in off year elections are usually older and whiter. Hmmmmmmm.....that description fits Jack and I.

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