Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something To Cool You Off

Something To Cool You Off
Army Audit photos in Alaska in January
This is a shot of the Anchorage, Alaska airport around 1967.
Army Audit Headquarters in Alaska Circa 1968-1970
See the pile of snow by that car that must be 5 feet deep. Now see the little black speck in the snow that looks like a dash. That is what Jack and all the other Army Auditors would use with a cord to plug into their cars to keep the engines from freezing. Funny thing. No one had their car stolen doing this maneuver.

This is where Jack lived while doing army audits in Alaska----the Bachelor Officers Quarters. Look at the four foot pile of snow on the roof of the entrance of the building.
Now do you feel cooler? Have a great Saturday. I'm going to stay cool in our nice air conditioned house. Good time to just relax and read a book.

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ChrisJ said...

Having been to Alaska and northern most Norway I have to say I would feel sorry for myself if I lived there. Even after 36 years, with nothing that could really be called winter, I still LOVE the warm summers and cool breezes of coastal living. Thoroughly spoiled. But I miss England's flowers and lush green.