Saturday, June 12, 2010

There She Goes...........Little Miss Chick!

There She Goes..........Little Miss Chick!
Eliza Gariety riding on her royal float with her royal court of little girls.
This parade was today, June 12, 2010 on main street in Versailles, Ohio. I've noticed by studying this photo of Eliza on the float that the civic fathers of Versailles now call Little Miss Chick by a new title, Little Miss Poultry Days. I'm an old timer and I prefer the old title Little Miss Chick. To me it is like changing Coke to the New Coke or Chevy back to Chevrolet and screwing up that song line: "I drove my Chevy to the levee......"

Here Eliza is getting her winning sash and crown from last year's adult Miss Chick. This occurred this past Friday night after the 25 little contestants competed for the judges' votes by speaking to the crowd. Now see the sign in the background that says Poultri Gras.
Versailles, Ohio as well as the neighboring towns of Frenchtown and Russia (Roo-she) were settled by French immigrants from eastern France. Our paternal great, great grandfather, Jean Baptise Caritey I (John Baptiste Gariety I) came from Frahier, France which used to be a part of Alsace-Lorraine but later became its own province or department known as Haute Soane.

My goodness look at that tall vase of flowers behind Eliza. Why it is almost as tall as this little five year old girl. Eliza is getting to be an old hand at these pageants. Last year when she was four she was crowned Little Miss Apple Fest.

And here is Eliza with all her winning loot. Is that a Care Bear in the picture? By the way Eliza's older sister Brooke Gariety for whom I wrote a recent blog post about her 2010 graduation from Russia Local School was also Little Miss Chick when she was five years old.

Here are Eliza's very proud parents: Greg and Connie Gariety. Greg Gariety is my nephew and my only Godson.
Final Note: When people ask me why I have lots of roosters and hens in my kitchen here in Virginia I always reply that I was born and raised near Versailles, Ohio, which is known for its Poultry Days Festival every June.

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Glennis said...

What a proud little, and her parents look just as proud.
I do like the pic with the tall flowers and her bouquet. Also the first one on the float, lovely, sweet little girl.