Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Rooster In The House

A New Rooster In The House
Look at this. I get to crow about a new rooster in my house. Thank you Hailie! Hailie gave me this plate to add to my rooster collection in my kitchen. I admit that I do have quite a few roosters around my house and they are all here to remind me that I once worked five summers at the now defunt Poultry Producers Association in Versailles, Ohio. It was commonly called "the egg auction". A girl has to find some type of work to afford to pay her way thru college. I owe my egg auction career to a nice man by the name of John Henry who hired me each summer.


Denise said...

How interesting Joann, and your new plate is lovely. I would love to see more photos of your rooster collection too if you ever decide to make a post about them. Have a great day.
An English Girl Rambles

DragonQuilter said...

I love this one. Good work Hailie in finding this one for Joann!!

Melinda said...


ChrisJ said...

That really is a sharp looking rooster!