Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brennans's Krewe of Bacchus in New Orleans

Brennan's Krewe of Bacchus in New Orleans
If you are ever lucky enough to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you must go to Brennan's Restaurant for breakfast. In 2005 Jack and I were lucky enough to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and we made a point of spending one morning at Brennan's Restaurant where we had a long wonderful breakfast followed by a tour of this old establishment including the wine celler, special dining rooms and the gift shop where we bought a cookbook and collected a menu for my menu collection.
New Orleans has the Brennan family to thank for saving Mardi Gras in New Orleans from becoming a second rate national party. Jack and I in the photo above are having our eggs benedict and a bottle of wine (for breakfast!) in the famous Kings of Bacchus room. Behind us are photos of some of the recent world famous Kings of Bacchus. From left to right in the bottom row you might be able to make out these celebrities: Jean Claude Van-Damme, John Larroquette, Dick Clark, Tom Arnold, Drew Carey, Jim Belushi, Luke Perry and Larry King. Last year's King of Bacchus was the New Orleans football player Drew Brees. This year's King of Bacchus is Andy Garcia.

In 1969 the first King of Bacchus was entertainer Danny Kay. In following years these famous entertainers became the King of Bacchus: Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Perry Como, Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas and Billy Crystal. Having Brennan family do the Bacchus Krewe and bringing in such famous people as these I have noted above to be in the Bacchus Krewe parade really brought national attention to New Orleans and increased the number of tourists who came to the city to see this parade. This is what saved Mardi Gras in New Orleans from becoming a lack luster event. To learn more about Brennan's Bacchus Krewe and Mardi Gras in New Orleans explore the web site below.

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