Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Change Months/ Change Decor

Change Months/ Change Decor
Whew! Busy! Busy! Soon as October and Halloween are gone it is time to change decor. Quick! Put away the fall and Halloween decor and start to decorate for Christmas because these days Thanksgiving means not only giving thanks but the beginning of the Christmas season. So on Monday Jack and I put away this wreath and started pulling out and decorating the house for Christmas. And with the time change and the darkness beginning around 5:30 P.M. it is really nice to see the twinkle of holiday lights around the house.

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Melinda said...

oh I want to decorate now for Christmas too...but still need to get some rooms in order before I do that! I am about ready to give up and just make do for now and do it anyway. I have Halloween buntings still outside on my windows and a nice fall wreath still on my front door. While I may decorate for Christmas inside I will leave my fall wreath out for November and I have a nice 3-D turkey windsock I put out too until Thanksgiving is over. Then I will decorate the outside for Christmas. WINDY today...leaves blowing all over. Hope you are doing well Joann!