Monday, November 14, 2011

What To Do With The Fallen Leaves

What To Do With The Fallen Leaves
Some folks rake them into piles and then put them in plastic bags. Some folks like Jack use the lawnmower to pick them up and place in the trash cans. Our dear neighbor Dickie whose Dragonquilter blog is down below on the right has a fancy dancy device that sucks up the leaves into an attached bag that can be emptied into the trash cans. Dickie notes on her blog that to her the bummer is that not all the leaves fall at the same time. That means you can get the leaves picked up in some fashion one day and by the next day or week your yard is again filled with fallen leaves. For Jack and I the last trees on our property to lose their leaves are our three Bradford pear trees that are just now approaching full fall color. Two of our neighbors who have a certain type of oak tree, which does not lose its leaves until mid spring when the new leaves emerge from the trees. Now for me that is the real bummer. Picking up the leaves in the fall is one thing but doing it in the spring is no fun at all when you are thinking early spring flowers emerging and blooming.


DragonQuilter said...

Happy I don't have any of your daughter's trees! This is bad enough as is!!


At our house we rake them up into piles and jump in them :) This includes all the leaves from the neighbors' yards as well. It is not uncommon for us to have leaves 5 feet deep. (Yes, our down wind neighbors hate us!)
The kids jump in them from the top of the swing set.