Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scenes Of Fells Point In Baltimore, Md

Scenes Of Fells Point In Baltimore, MD
This is where the water taxis bring tourists to Fell Point from the Inner Harbor
The old cobblestone streets are still there.
So are the old street car lines that are no longer used.
A nice looking brick building in Fells Point.


Patty said...

We lived in a suburb of Baltimore for about a year, while Abe finished out his Army hitch at Ft. Holobird. Probably spelled wrong. We lived in a row house, they had made into a two family apartment. We lived in the downstairs apartment. It was a dirty town, and we heard horns all the time from ships coming in to dock. In fact the street we lived on was called Dundock Ave. had a trolley that ran up the middle of the street on rails. Glasses on top of the frig in a metal holder would rattle every time it went, I finally found a different spot for them. LOL

Hope you're doing ok. Have a great Sunday.

Jack and Joann said...

Patty, you can still tell that this section of Baltimore was once a blue color neighborhood although we saw on our recent trip most folks running around with portable computers and laptops on their shoulders. Time marches on and things do change.