Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Week 2 Has Begun Ahead of Schedule!

When we said we would be flexible with our schedule, we thought we would be running behind. Instead, we are ahead. We started the day at Antelope Island State Park, which is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. We learned that parts of the Lake are 8 times as salty as the ocean. The first picture was taken on Antelope Island. We then drove on to Boise with a side trip to the Gold Spike National Monument in Promontory, UT, where the last spike was driven in the nation's first coast to coast railroad and to Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID. The second photo is of Jack's foot standing on the last rail-tie laid and the one the Gold spike was driven in. The spike, however, is in a museum in California. The third photo is of the Falls, which are in the Snake river. Our resting spot for the day is the Doubletree in Boise. Downtown Boise is one of the nicest downtowns we've seen. We had dinner at a Basque restaurant downtown. Boise claims to have the largest Basque community outside of France. The food was excellent! Of course the last photo is the Idaho Capitol building. This was also a maintenance day for the car--oil changed and car washed. We're all ready for the rest of week 2.


jeanine said...

Wow, you two are really making good time. I took a look at your itinerary and Oregon is the next stop!

Jenn K said...

What a beautiful sunset (or is sunrise?) picture! And I really like that picture of the pink lighting in the Tabernacle (the one that mom doesn't like). It's a pretty dramatic picture.

When you get to Portland, I highly recommend eating at the Portland City Grill (www.portlandcitygrill.com). This is where Anne had her wedding reception and it has spectacular views of the city. It's perched on the 30th floor, and has huge windows that overlook the water. And the food was really good, too.

Marilyn said...

Your pictures of the Morman Tabernacle are beautiful. I am like Jenn: I like the picture with the pink lighting in the back. It appears supernatural...beyond the ordinary. Also, you might be interested in knowing the PBS has a two-part series on the Morman religion, and the second part is tonight. The woman who is exploring the religion is agnostic, but she is interested in determining how the religion has become so commonly accepted among the masses.
Your temps sound like those in MS. Utah is a beautiful state, enhanced with views of the Grand Canyon in the south.

John and Carol Ann said...

Loved all the beautiful pictures. You sound like you are having such a wonderful trip. We are so happy for you both.

John and I want to thank you for the post card. What a nice surprise !!!!!!!

Continue to have fun. Look forward to . more pictures and updates of your trip. Carol Ann