Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31 -- Sandusky to Home

We couldn't be so close to Lake Erie without seeing it, so we started the day on Jackson Pier in Sandusky. The first picture is of the story of the Underground Railroad. Apparently, Sandusky residents played a big role in the run away slaves escape to Canada. The second picture is of Cedar Point from Sandusky. If you look real hard you can see the roller coasters through the fog.

We left Sandusky and decided to stop at Joann's niece Tammy and nephew-in-law Guy's restaurant in Monaca, PA, just north of Pittsburgh. We had seen the restaurant when they first bought it and had started renovations. It has turned into a real work of art. Fortunately for us, both Guy and Tammy were at the restaurant and hard at work. It is named Pacentros after Guy's birthplace in Italy and the place his Mother and several relatives still live. On the inside he had a mural of Pacentro painted on one of the walls. The walls are primarily painted a warm Tuscan yellow, except in the entry and restrooms where Tammy added a deep red. It really works well together. The special today was a "small" Calzone with one topping and drink. "Small" was definitely a misnomer, although Tammy said you have to see Guy's regular sized Calzone to realize the one we had was small. Joann and Jack shared one and they still took 1/4th home. It was outstanding! Of course, they had to try an Italian dessert, so they went with the Tiramisu. Great presentation! and great taste! After eating the delicious food it was no surprise to see the restaurant fill for lunch. They definitely have a well deserved hit on their hands. Congratulations!! Tammy and Guy. We are proud of you both! And Joann has another menu--autographed by the owners--to add to her collection.

We are home now. The laundry is started. The lawn and gardens look like they need a little loving care, which they will get tomorrow--at least until the heat drives us back inside.

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Dickie said...

Welcome Home!! Thought I saw lights on there last night. Resisted calling but welcome home all the same!!