Monday, July 23, 2007

Jack Aidan

Jack Aidan celebrates a birthday today. He will be one week old this afternoon at 1:20 P.M. EST. Jenn and Terry brought Jack Aidan home from the hospital Wednesday morning. Jenn and Terry were anxious to introduce Mr. Merlin Cat and Mr. Milo Cat to Baby Jack. Mr. Merlin took one quick look and decided that that little thing in the car carrier was extremely scary looking so he hightailed it out of the kitchen and down to the family room. Mr. Milo then approached the carrier to find out what had frightened Mr. Merlin witless. (See photo) Milo walked right up to the carrier and took a look and then as the alpha cat of the household he let out two loud hisses and turned tail and walked away disgusted. Poor Baby Jack. What a welcome home. Luckily he was fast asleep so it shouldn't be a too traumatic experience.

After reaching home Baby Jack's next big adventure was Friday when he was going to the pediatricians' office in Reston for the first time. Grandpa drove, Jennifer sat in back with Jack and Grandma rode shotgun to and from the Pd's office. Jack slept thru most of the event. He only squawked when he got poked in the ribs and when blood was drawn. He was a very good boy.

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