Monday, July 30, 2007

Grandma's Little Visitor

Jenn will have some new adventures to relate to Daddy when he gets home from work this afternoon. Baby Jack made his first visit to Grandma's house in Haymarket. He had both his early lunch and his late lunch at Grandma's house. Jenn told us that every day he has an early breakfast and a late breakfast and an early lunch and a late lunch and an early dinner and a late dinner and then several midnight snacks. Wow! No wonder that little boy is growing. We noticed that he can now hold his head up by himself for a second or two. Grandpa Jack put together the baby swing so that Baby Jack could snooze while swinging and listening to music. Jenn took her son to the backyard for some pictures in the swing and by the blooming crepe mrytles. The visit was enjoyed by all and Jenn may bring Baby Jack back this Wednesday for more time with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jack. In the meantime Baby Jack has discovered with Jenn the Starbucks in Franklin Farm. So far he has been a good boy while Momma orders her lattes. On the home front there is also some good news. One cat--namely Mr. Merlin is starting to notice Jack and will now sit by him. Merlin has even given Jack a friendly lick on the head. Meow!

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Jenn K said...

Jack enjoyed seeing grandma and grandpa!