Monday, July 23, 2007

Ring A Ding Ding

I have a ring a ding ding story to tell you. July 7'th Jack and I drove by car to D.C. early in the morning to get in a long, long line to see Al Gore open up the D.C. portion of the Earth Live Concert at the National Museum of the American Indian. We were able to get into the museum's courtyard to hear Al Gore speak and to hear country singers Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform. While waiting in line for Al to speak the lady behind me said to me: "Why I think you are wearing a Robert Lee Morris ring!" And I replied: "What???" Uhhh......did I mention on this blogsite that on our roadtrip we met a woman at a motel in Detroit, MI who asked us for $12 in exchange for the ring on her finger. Well, to make a long story shorter let me say that I agreed and now am wearing this supposedly sterling silver ring. It has style and hasn't turned my finger green yet. Plus it is a sturdy ring to wear when gardening in the summer. Well, anyway this lady behind me was going on like I was wearing the Hope diamond. So when we got home from the Earth Live Event and the 2007 Folklife Festival I did a search for Robert Lee Morris on the web and lo and behold I learned that he is a famous jewelry maker in NYC who works with dress designers like Donna Karan and Karl Lagerfield. He has a store in SoHo in NYC and my neighbor has now told me that he also sells his jewelry on QVC. My ring is a concave rectangle and I know that it is a Robert Lee Morris ring because this lady at Earth Live insisted that I take off the ring so she could check the Robert Lee Morris logo and the sterling mark on the inside. I think my ring must be somewhere in the $200+ range. Go to this website to learn more about Robert Lee Morris and to see more of his jewelry:

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