Sunday, November 25, 2007

See Baby Jack's Little Hands

See Baby Jack's little hands.
Those little hands surprised me Saturday afternoon when Jack and I went to visit our darling grandson and his Mom and Dad. Alright, we both admit it. We were both suffering from baby withdrawal since we spent a whole week without our little guy due to the fact that Jack Aidan spent Thanksgiving Week on the Cape. So soon as we could we hightailed it to Baby Jack's house. Then when I grabbed my little baby he gave me a happy smile and proceeded to grab my eyeglasses right off my nose and was ready to drop them on the floor. Wow, what a surprise! When I gained my senses I held Jack with one arm and grabbed my glasses in midair. Just in time to avoid having a pair of broken glasses. So let me just say that those little hands are not only cute but fast.

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