Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grandma's House

Take A Look Below
Mommy took me to Grandma's house Monday. See my souvenir bib from New Jersey. That says it all. Grandpa is the best thing at Grandma's house. Grandpa gives me rides on his knees and upswings in the air. And he takes me for strolls around the house to view the fall trees and birds outside. He reads me stories. He is learning to be a great grandpa. I like him a lot. Sometimes he calls me his little slugger because I like to wear baseball uniforms. In the bottom photo I am wearing my brand new sweatshirt from Gene and Sandra Barr. It has Valley Forge written on the front. The sweatshirt is a little big which means two things: I can layer it over other shirts for winter and I won't outgrow it next week.

Now grandma is another story. Last week she tried to stick me in a pumpkin for Halloween. I hope she doesn't make me ride a turkey for Thanksgiving or stick me in a Christmas stocking for Christmas. You never know with Grandma. She has already labeled me her Thing One from Cat in the Hat.

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