Tuesday, November 13, 2007

English Cottage Pie

Most folks have heard of or tasted or made an Irish shepherd's pie. Well, for English Cottage Pie instead of using browned ground beef you use leftover beef roast. Sandra told us that the English tradition is to serve roast beef and root vegetables for Sunday dinner. Then Monday which was traditionally wash day you took the leftover Sunday roast dinner to make an easy supper for laborious wash day. Sandra's version of this traditional dish went something like this:
English Cottage Pie
Layer in a baking casserole shredded roast beef.
Place cooked vegetables over the meat.
Sandra had sauteed onions.
Then a layer of mashed cooked carrots which give great fall color.
Then well seasoned mashed potatoes on top.
Sandra used a fork to make a design in the potatoes.
Bake casserole till it is well heated thru. (At 350 degrees for 45 minutes)
Serve the pie with reheated beef gravy from the Sunday dinner.

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