Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy 38'th Birthday Tina Thobe Rudisill

Tina Thobe Rudisill--Not Quite Forty!
Oh, Lordy!
Tina, you were born on November 21, 1971 in Tipp City, Ohio. I made a special trip home from Frankfurt, Germany to see my newest niece! I thought you were adorable and had picked up all the Gariety genes from your Mother's side of the family tree. In this photo it is New Years Eve and my sister Mary has just talked me into babysitting you while she and Jerry attend a New Years Eve Party. I was a tad nervous about taking care of you but everything must have worked out OK because you are now 38! LOL! My time flies by!
Here you are with your Mom after ingesting a little water for a little baby burp.
Can you picture yourself this tiny? I bet not. You probably can't even remember your two sons, Brady and Tate being this tiny.

Here is my favorite picture of you.
It is the summer of 1973 and you are checking out the clover blossoms in Grandpa Gariety's clover field on what is now the Greg Gariety farm. You are really studying the clover to see if it is ready to be harvested.
Hmmmmmmmmmm......maybe you would have made a good farmer if you had not become a fourth grade teacher.

And I must show this photo of Grandpa Gariety checking the clover blossoms too.
Farming----it requires a lot of decision making and Grandpa almost always made great decisions about farming.

And here you are again Tina studying and studying that clover.

March 27, 1999
The day you became Mrs. Steve Rudisill

I like the fact that you invited all the students in your 1998-1999 class to attend the wedding at Precious Blood Catholic Church in Dayton,Ohio.
(I think that one little girl thought that she was the bride. LOL!)
I'll always remember this wedding for having the flower girl crawl down aisle with her flower basket. What a chuckle that gave the wedding guests.
So Happy Happy Birthday Tina!

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Happy Birthday Tina.