Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Iron Bridge Wine Company

The Iron Bridge Wine Company
A neat place to eat and have a wine flight.There is one in Columbia, Maryland and there is another in Warrenton, VA. Jack and I went the other week to the one in Warrenton which is the capitol of Fauquier County. Fauquier County is where the rich and famous have country estates to escape to from their D.C. or McLean, VA homes. It is the county that claims as residents Cooks, Mellons, and yes, the Salahis. You surely have heard of the Salahis. This past week they crashed the state dinner at the White House and had photos taken with both Obama and Biden!

What a wild and reckless event. In my humble opinion some heads connected to the President's security need to roll right out the door and the Salahis need to be found and put in jail for a month for that silly caper. What's with people today? Every ordinary Joe wants to seek fame and hang out with the powerful folks in D.C. and Hollywood. First, we had Balloon Boy's family stunt that scared everyone witless. Now we have this couple that loves getting attention by crashing a party at the White House. Luckily both events ended with not a tragedy. But the third time may not be so. I'm sure Al Quida watched the news this week and picked up on how easy it is to enter the White House. Don't scale the fence. Just scale the front door dressed to the nines. And as someone reported in the paper yesterday even though they passed thru the metal detectors indicating no guns on their persons, they still could have wrecked havoc at the White House by picking up a dinner knife from a table or by pulling an envelope of anthrax out of their clothing. And as my father would say "They like to live high on the hog." But according to news reports of exfriends and exhired help they don't always pay their bills because they are spending it all on creating their "image".

Now where was I? Oh, yes, The Iron Bridge Wine Company. It is located on Main Street in Warrenton, just down from the county courthouse building where Jack Kent Cook, the former owner of the Redskins, dissolved a couple of marriages. Now look below.

This place used to be a store so there are tables in the store windows and that's where Jack and I were seated. We had a good view of both the locals and the tourists walking down Main Street on this particular fall day. We even had a mini crystal chandelier to light the table.

This place serves both good food for lunch and good wine. You can do a wine flight that allows you to sample 1 ounce of three different wines. That's what Jack and I did. We did the wine flight that was Everything But Cabernet. So we had a red from Chile plus a California pinot noir and a shiraz from Australia. If you like the wine flight, you can purchase here the same wine in bottles to take home to enjoy. But we didn't do that. Instead we got this. Look below.

We shared a scrumptious bread pudding with two steaming cups of coffee. How decadent!

Isn't that pretty! It tasted very good too.

Hope your Thanksgiving Weekend is going well.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: what a great looking place to have a bite to eat and a glass of wine.

Denise said...

That looks like a lovely place for dinner Joann. Thanks for sharing. Gregg and I are always on the lookout for a place we haven't been before. It's now on our list :) Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

♥Kathy♥ said...

Ive never done a wine tasting but that sounds really good. That bread pudding looks wonderful.

ChrisJ said...

Mmm! That bread pudding sure looks good!

ninemilecreek said...

We like the Iron Bridge and Warrenton very much. We also live in a community similar to yours near Gainesville AND I am also from very near Minster....Wapakoneta. We must meet someday, maybe at the Iron Bridge