Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Jack's Halloween Night Last Week

Just a week ago tonight it was Halloween. Little Jack wore his railroad cap and his spooky boo sweatshirt to go trick or treating with Jenn and Grandpa. Daddy was in Chicago on a business trip so he missed this Halloween action.
Before dark we decorated lots of little pumpkins with stick on face features. Here's one that Jack made. He told the pumpkin to say cheese when we wanted to take its picture.

Here's our little pumpkin family. I bet you can recognize the ones Little Jack decorated all by himself.

Jack had as much fun passing out the candy to the little folks who came to the door as he did going out to trick or treat himself. There was a group of five cute little girls who came to the door dressed as fairies. They had on frilly dresses that had lights that lit up. Jack really liked those little fairy girls flashing their lights. When they scampered down the steps and we closed the door Little Jack exclaimed that he wanted more girls. More girls please! More girls please! How adorable.

Grandma was celebrating the Halloween night with a glass of white wine when Little Jack discovered that the crystal wine glass made a great bell sound when he tapped it with his popsicle.
How cute. I know. I know. I'm totally enchanted with the antics of my grandson.


Denise said...

How adorable! He certainly looked like he was having a fun time. This was the first Halloween we have not had candy for our Halloween visitors in I don't remember when. Certainly not in the last 20 years since we have lived in our house. We were traveling home from our vacation.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Little Jack is so cute in his outfit.