Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny Pictures: Number 1 and Number 2

Funny Picture Number 1
This was the Karras Family Christmas Card
I just about fell off my feet when I tore open the card
discovered my little Jack Aidan wearing nothing but a diaper
a big smile.
Funny Picture Number 2
When I uploaded this photo from Picassa this morning
something rather strange happened.
Little Jack turned into a caricature1
Notice how the hair curves down across his forehead.
Now how the heck did that happen?
If anyone know, leave a comment.
Now look further down and notice Jack's sweet lips.
Aren't they the most precious baby lips.
Blog bottom line: Grandma sure loves her little Jack

1 comment:

Lew said...

The enlarged image is a little grainy (looks like the shot was taken through a screen). I think making it smaller distorted the "screen" look into curved lines.