Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skywatch Friday = Winter Skies = Dirty Dirty Snow

Skywatch Friday = Winter Skies = Dirty Dirty Snow
I Shot This View Straight From Our Front Door
Looking Down Our Private Drive
Our Neighbor's Home Across The Street
Backs To The Golf Course.
These Neighbor's Have Great Sunset Views of the Links.
This Old Dirty Snow Has Been Here Since December 19, 2009
When We Got 21 Inches of Snow
See The Sideyard of the House With Wrought Iron Fence
On The Left.
I Missed On The Day Of The Big Snow
What Would Have Made A Great and Unique Picture.
The Children Of Our Muslim Neighbors Made A Muslim Snowman.
Well, I Guess I Should Say A Muslim Snowwoman.
She Was Kneeling On The Ground Facing Their Front Door
Wearing A Muslim Robe And Head Scarf.
And For A Touch Of Little Girl Whimsy
The Muslim Snowwoman Was Wearing Pink Angel Wings On Her Back.
Everyone Who Drove By Slowed Down To Take A Good Look.
It Is Not Every Day Of The Week That You Meet A Muslim Snowwoman.
Ahh, Yes, More Dirty Dirty Snow
I Hate Dirty Dirty Snow.
Just Melt Out Of My Life.
Final Thought: Let's All Do Something Monetary For The People of Haiti.
Plus Keep Them In Our Thoughts and Prayers.
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Bill S. said...

It looks like your snow is leaving fast. Here we will wait for another month or two or three.

Martha Z said...

Well I remember the dirty snow from when I lived in snow country. As the snow melted the cinders they but on the roads for traction made there way to the top of the pile.

J Bar said...

Good shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: I have heard don't eat the yellow snow but this also applies to the black snow. Your melt is way ahead of us but we have lost our ice from the roof.

Erin said...

sure wish you had captured the snowwoman...perhaps another snow event will allow that op.
isn't the warmer weather just so welcoming?

Anonymous said...

I wish you could have gotten a pic of the Muslim snow-woman! That would have made a great and interesting photo!

SandyCarlson said...

Sometimes winter skies seem to hint at spring, even this early into the season. (Early? Did I say early?)

Arija said...

What a fun, dirty post. It sounds like a new slant on the snowman....
the times they are-changin'...

Anonymous said...

There have been some rescued alive in Haiti. That kind of natural event could strike any of us and I often wonder how the world would react if it were us?

shaker said...

No more snow in France.
Have a great Sunday !

Denise said...

Lovely photos around your neighborhood Joann. That snow looks very much like hours. Maybe the rain we're expecting tomorrow will get rid of it. Your neighbor's Muslim snowlady sounded interesting and hope you get an opportunity to take a photo if it snows again.

Lew said...

The ground is dirty (and still frozen) but our skies have been great!

Melinda said...

our leftover snow around here looks like coal!