Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last Day For Stocking Stuffers For Christmas
Jeanine Saved The Best For Last
What Is It?
The Label Says
Black Chocolate Stout Beer
brewed by the Brooklyn Brewery of New York
Well, my gosh, who knew that a chocolate stout had even been invented!
Not me.
Thanks, Jeanine and Bryan.
This will be a sweet treat for Valentine's Day if I can wait that long to try it.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it but then I am not really a drinker.

I had answered those questions you asked about learning to draw on the same blog.

Denise said...

Well, working in the tea room we used to sell Chocolate Stout but never did try it. I have seen it over at Wegmans off Lee Highway. I am one of those closet beer bottle lookers!!! Now that sounds strange but I love to look at the illustrations on bottles of any kind, wine included, and see where they came from. You will often find me in the aisle just for that, and don't get me started on bottle shapes ;)

Denise said...

I'm back again. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed catching up on all the great posts since the last time I was here. Wonderful!