Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My World Tuesday Part II = A Favorite Place to Eat

My World Tuesday Part II = A Favorite Place to Eat
Coastal Flats at Fairfax Corners
When Jack and I finished shopping at Fair Oaks Mall we got back in our car and drove across the highway to a restaurant called Coastal Flats. It has great food and great waiters and waitresses. It always reminds me of a restaurant at a South Carolina beach town but actually it must be more like a beach restaurant near Tampa or Miami Florida. (I'll explain later.) At any rate the place was nicely decorated Saturday with Christmas lights and red trim.

Don't you love the two fish kissing?

There is a giant mural all along one wall. Look closely and you will see couples doing the tango. So this makes me think the city might be Tampa or Miami.

The man who created this mural painted himself into the street scene. He is the man in the black jacket on the black motorcycle.

This is what I had: grilled fresh mahi mahi with a spicy polenta.

This is what Jack had: beef tips over a yummy penn pasta sauce.

Jack always has this dish everytime we go to this restaurant because it has his two favorite dishes: beef and pasta!

Tomorrow I'll show you what Christmas show we saw Saturday night.

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Melinda said...

everything looks yummy and I LOVE the kissing fish!