Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My World Tuesday Part III = Angela Knight Christmas Show

My World Tuesday Part III = Angela Knight Christmas Show
Angela Knight is an opera singer with the Washington Opera. For the past several years she and other members of the Washington Opera perform without pay to raise money for three charities. One of the charities is the nationally known Wounded Warriors foundation. The show was held at our local Battlefield High School where the performers sang and danced to familiar Christmas carols. There were some Irish Christmas songs and some huge Irish wolfhound dogs in the show. Wow! Are those dogs tall!
The show's finale featured everyone in the performance, plus all the little kids in the audience and that man in the red and white suit.
To the far right in the photo is a little boy in a grey shirt who really had rhythm and could really move and groove to the music. We enjoyed the extra show he provided for the audience.
And those big dogs on stage were so well behaved. I think I've seen minature horses smaller than these big wolfhounds. Jack and I thought the show was worth the $15 admission fee for sure.

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Melinda said...

I LOVE the backdrop! Yes those dogs are huge and very tall! I have seen them in person before at a Scottish/festival thing in Colorado where they played bagpipes and walked in a parade with those dogs following alongside. HUGE!