Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Had My 4'th Blood Transfusion For Leukemia

I Had My 4'th Blood Transfusion For Leukemia
Yesterday I went to my local hospital and had my fourth blood transfusion. I'm o positive. If I was o negative I could be a universal doner though no one would want my blood now that I have leukemia. LOL!

It is amazing how it works. You go into the outpatient infusion clinic for two units of blood that takes about 6 hours. While there you can order any meals that you want. I had a hearty omelet with toast and jam. Then after the transfusion is finished you hop up off the bed or recliner with a lot more energy in your body, a clearer focus in your mind, a lightheartedness in your heart and a little skip in your step. In other words, the old grey mare is running better or as Jack puts it: "You can tell when the car needs an oil change and how it runs after the successful oil change. It runs better."

The infusion nurses also gave me some units of Benedryl and another drug to keep me from getting a blood transfusion reaction like I did in May. Hope everything goes well this time. But I do feel good this morning. This is my third blog post for today. I'm making up for lost time. Ha! Ha!


Melinda said...

oh I do hope and pray you continue feeling better and better and more energized and healthy each day!

DragonQuilter said...

Happy to hear it went well and you are feeling better, I can hear it in your writing!! BTW if you ever need O negative...that's me and I'm happy to donate in your name anytime!!

Patty said...

So glad everything went smoothly and you're feeling like new again. Keep thinking positive thoughts. They sure can and do help. I know. thinking of you each day.

Denise said...

Glad you are feeling better today. I've been thinking about you and decided to pop on over to say hi.