Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Think I Need A Stiff Drink!!!!!! Part II

I Think I Need A Stiff Drink !!!!! Part II

I'm still in shock. How could an earthquake that had its epic center in central Virginia be felt all the way from Atlanta to Canada to Chicago and Wisconsin? This is incredible. Tuesday night there was an aftershock of 4.0! Daughter Jeanine made it safely home from work via interstate 95. Daughter Jennifer said her first earthquake freaked her totally out and she froze then ran outside. Meanwhile her son and our grandson Jack Aidan thought it was cool----that the house was having an amusement park ride. Oh my gosh. Out of the mouth of babes. Obviously Jack Aidan doesn't need a strong drink like his grandmother!

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Denise said...

Happy to hear you and your family are okay. I heard from another blogger that there was a small earthquake in Arizona yesterday too.