Sunday, August 5, 2007

Baby Jack's Baseball Team

This past week Baby Jack got to prove to his paternal grandparents that he is going to be a little Boston Red Sox fan. Terry and Patty drove down from Cape Cod to see their newest grandchild and they came bearing gifts for the whole family. Grandpa K, the electric man, promply installed a ceiling fan above Jack's crib for those warm summer evenings. However, in return Baby Jack had to take a baby oath. He had to swear that he would always support the Boston Red Sox. Please check out Baby Jack's baseball outfit in the photos.) It was a tough thing for Baby Jack to decide to support the Red Sox. If he had followed the baseball teams of his maternal grandmother born in Ohio, he could have chosen the Cincinatti Redlegs or the Cleveland Indians. And if he had chosen the Cleveland Indians, he would be sitting in first place in the American League right now! If Baby Jack had followed the baseball teams of his maternal grandfather born in Missouri, he could have chosen the St. Louis Cardinals or the Kansas City Royals as his favorite baseball team. But that didn't happen. He went with the Red Sox and he is proudly wearing a Red Sox outfit. He even has Red Sox baby socks! And Daddy Karras couldn't be happier right now. But here's a warning for Daddy. Lock the doors and keep Baby Jack's Aunt Jeanine at bay because she is threatening to sneak into the house and put a New York Yankees outfit on Baby Jack!


Jenn K said...

I'm sure that Auntie Jeanine would do no such thing--because she knows that both Baby Jack and herself would be disowned.

John and Carol Ann said...

Love the pictures of baby Jack. Thanks so much for keeping us posted . You all look so happy and the baby very content. Glad to know he is a RED SOX FAN !!!!!

Our best to all. Enjoy him.

Love, Carol Ann and John

jeanine said...

I suppose it wouldn't be worth it since I'm not even a Yankees fan.