Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aldie Mill in Aldie, VA

This is the old historic Aldie Mill in Aldie, VA which is on route 50 near Middleburg, VA where Jackie Kennedy Onassis would go horse riding. We toured it two weeks ago for the first time. Our tour guide was Joe and he gave us and hour and half in depth tour of the buildings and grounds. In September there will be a festival at this mill. Some common expressions that originated at mills:

Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone means keep your eye on the milling
or else you may clog up the millworks. I better keep my nose to the
grindstone to finish this blog today.

Put through the mill means to be put between two stones and ground
up. When you go to college you are put through the mill.

Run of the mill means what is normally ground up at the mill. The
Aldie Mill's run of the mill was wheat and corn.

Have a millstone around one's neck means to have a heavy burden
to solve. According to Al Gore the global warming problem is a
millstone around our world's neck.


June said...

What a gorgeous old building! I like the phrases, too. It is really nice to get a sense of some of America's historic places that we will probably never get a chance to visit.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is great, too. I need to learn how to post several pictures and how to make links to other things. But all in its own time. . .
See you later, June

Jack and Joann said...

Thanks for leaving me some comments June. I check your blog every day for another unique photo.