Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Most Memorable Birthday Party

This past Saturday night our neighbor Ken turned 60 and his wife Tracy surprised him with a most memorable birthday party at their home. Jack and I attended and were enraptured with the party. The birthday invitation requested that everyone wear white which was a wonderful idea. The guests looked like something from a F. Scott Fitzgerald book or a party at The Rosecliff in Newport, RI. And our birthday guest of honor looked smashing in a white suit. There were many memorable moments at the party: the trio of caterers who attended to your libations and food needs; the flautist who played for us in the living room; the singer who serenaded the birthday honoree and the magical lights on the yard umbrellas and flickering candles on the deck. But the most memorable moment was the moment when each guest was told to pick up a silver balloon for the late evening balloon launch in the yard. Suddenly all the guests (average age of guest was between 40 and 50 or more) turned into excited little kids who had a balloon on a string to play with and then release. And what a wonderful sight to see over 100 silver balloons float up in the night sky to the moon. See attached photos for a glimpse of this most memorable birthday party.

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