Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Want A Phone That Works!!!

Jack and I have been caught up in the downfall of our phone provider, Sun Rocket. Our phone service promptly up and stopped on July 16. A couple of days earlier the company sent us a final email message stating that they were no longer accepting service calls and ended with the statement: good by. We thought that message was very abrupt and rude but we had no idea as to what was coming at us next. We learned thru the Washington Post that Sun Rocket was going bankrupt overnight and that the CEO broke the news to the employees, then fired them. She then announced that she was resigning as CEO. She picked up her purse and briefcase and walked out the door. Well, that left us with no home phone service except for cell phone service. This all happened three weeks ago and we have been trying to get new service since then. Apparently there is a wait period for going from one phone service to another if you want to keep your same phone number. The thought of changing numbers and having to change our personal checks and notify all friends, relatives and businesses of the new number was not a pleasant thought. So we have been trying to be patient but after two and half weeks we are about to throw a hissy fit. What's taking so long! In the meantime we have been reading in the Post horror stories from other former Sun Rocket customers---like the lady about to deliver a baby and no phone access to call her husband to tell him to take her to the hospital ASAP! And we have our own horror story. This week we asked the new provider to give us a temporary phone number to use till we can be checked out or whatever it is they need to do before they start our service up again with the old number. Well, this new temp number apparently was last used as a fax number. So now we are breaking our -uts to get to the phone when it rings and all we get for our efforts is a fax machine beeping in our ear. Oh, and yes, of course this phone dis-service began the month after we paid our phone provider in advance for two years worth of service. I don't think we will get a dime from this company that has filed bankruptcy so abruptly. Trials and tribulations. If you run across the former CEO of Sun Rocket, give her the old heave ho.

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