Thursday, August 9, 2007

Farmers Market at Heritage Hunt

Now that Heathcote Blvd is up and running we have discovered a wonderful Farmers Market at the entrance to Heritage Hunt. The market is open for business under tents on Tuesday mornings. Take a look at the beautiful heirloom tomatoes, yellow pattypan squash, white eggplants, colorful peppers and sweet cabbage that I bought. There is also a gentleman selling African style handwoven baskets and a Mennonite family selling baked goods. The bread and cherry pie were delicious! In addition there are vendors selling organic meat and
honey products. So mark your calendars and cruise down Heathcote
to the Farmers Market. You will find
great things to purchase and the vendors are a lot of fun to talk to too.
I got into a long discussion with one
lady about Paula Dean's appearence on the Larry King Show. We got to discussing Paula's longtime affair with a married man. Paula warned the viewers that that was a bad mistake on her part. An affair with a married man will just give you bread crumbs--no bread. And there you have it from the mouth of Paula Dean.