Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 Is Rushing By

2008 is rushing by me. Gee, January is almost over and I haven't even begun to make a dent in the books I want to read during these slow winter days. Maybe it is because I am according to my husband a news junkie. Yep, I admit I have been following both the Democratic and Republican debates, primary caucuses and primary elections pretty closely. And this next week brings more debates, caucuses and elections plus the beginning of February, Groundhog Day, The Super Bowl, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Wow! Well, I guess it is a good thing that I am retired or otherwise I couldn't handle it. I would be on double overload. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I am somewhat like you guys. I have books to read and most are part way done. I watched most of the politics presented and noticed how much some stations "promote" their stations choices though they say they are independent. Somewhere along the way I bought a couple of "used" books and have starting reading them about things I need to get or want to get for my backyard wildlife habitat. I want to plant more trees and shrubs and bushes and all need to be providers of something for wildlife. It is hard to find things like that for a small yard.

We has such violent winds last night that lots of things around came crashing down or stopped. Preble County, the county next to our county, has many folks without power. And it is still very cold and very windy.

Some of my round metal disks that have a long bolt hook that goes through the center hole and screws into an identical bolt hook on the bottom actually blew down and all the stuff hanging from it was stuck to the ground this morning. Not only that, the one long bolt was driven into the ground and froze there and I have yet to be able to pull it loose.

My day.

Jack and Joann said...

Hi Abraham! My sister in Ohio told me that it was very, very windy too. Her one daughter lost electrical power for awhile. Yesterday the wind from Ohio blew over the Appalachians and into Virginia. It felt like March here with the wind whipping the branches on the trees and shrubs. And my heavy cement statue of St. Francis fell over in the yard!